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Yokai Soho, Kyoto


Yokai Soho is a place for the promotion of art, creation and performances. Created in a recycled building it is essentially DIY, and thus we support people who want to make things by themselves.


click JUNE 2018


1st – YOY i Linalab
Barcelona, Spain.


2nd – FRICS
Barcelona, Spain.


5th – Mostra Sonora i Visual
Convent de Sant Agustí, Barcelona, Spain.


15- 16 – Síntesis modular analógica vs digital (workshop)
Medialab Prado, Madrid, Spain.

16th – Algorave, Madrid
Madrid, Spain.


23 – Kioto Festival of Modular
Yōkai SOHO, Kioto, Japan.


24th – 大将軍八神社 (Daishogun hachi jinja Shrine)
Kyoto, Japan



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2-6 – Sonar Campus (workshop)
Fundació Pere Tarrés, Barcelona, Spain.


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12 – AMFest
Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, Spain.